Banking on your future.

Exactly when and why certain banks decided to implement the $5 check cashing fee is still unclear to me. It’s believed by me that this would be a tool put in place to force you into opening a bank account. The simple fact of the matter is this, I took a check from my employer into the bank where he has his business account. I signed the check and the teller began to process the check at which time she asked: “Do you have an account?” I replied “No”. She then proceeded to hand me my money less five dollars. I told her to hand me the check back and I stormed out. She did not bother to inform me that she would be charging $5 to cash the check. Bank of America tried this some 10 years ago when I brought a check from my retired grandfather for $25 , they handed me $20. I completely lost it in the lobby. Is it not bad enough that my check is shredded from taxation, but then further the agony by charging me more money to cash the check. The name of the Bank is “First Citizens”. I would advise people to completely ignore this financial mafia and find somewhere else to do their banking. In the end I firmly believe that banks have no shame.


~ by shelnutt on December 9, 2009.

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