Earth is no different from you or I.

For so long man has “lived off the fat of the land”, but this mentality can be quite dangerous. Now more than ever it is becoming apparent that the Earth is no different from you or I. We are quick to note the beauty of that which surrounds us. Go on a hike to see a waterfall or climb to the top of a mountain and simply look around you, you will usually find yourself in awe of the beauty of our planet. I look around now and see utter turmoil that we Humans are causing and it seems to be passed off as “just the way things are”. This mentality is one of simply passing “the buck” as we often do. If we are to live in harmony we must first hold ourselves accountable for our actions. I have for most of my life put my poor decisions on the backs of those who do not deserve to carry the load. I am constantly working to correct my mistakes, it is not easy since my entire life was set up to shun responsibility and look the other way. We are the only ones who can change ourselves, if we do not intend to do so then the Earth’s hand will be forced. Our planet is most definitely tired of the “poking” and
“prodding” of major corporations as well as the neglect of littering individuals. We are not simply a race of MacDonalds eating,reality TV watching, egotistical lap dogs. We are in fact a race of caring, creative, spiritual beings that are not destined simply destroy things of beauty and move on to next thing of beauty when done with last. There is a Universal Law and it is simply this; LOVE. Love is the only way our species will truly evolve, if you find love, then and only then will your path become apparent.


~ by shelnutt on December 9, 2009.

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