Research for yourself.

There is a movement not being covered by the mainstream news, this would be the legality of the Federal income tax. Many ex-IRS agents have come forward saying that after many years of research they can not find anywhere in the Tax Code where it states that it is mandatory to file a 1040 ez. There is even a man who is fighting in the Courts for the IRS to prove this law exists. He has been doing so for years. My question is this: “If it is legal, wouldn’t the IRS have shown it to be rather than allowing this matter to be drawn out in court?” With the total misuse of money by every administration since WW1, why are “We the people” still allowing such financial tyranny to continue? Perhaps we are flooded with so much fear and debt that we do not possess the necessary time it takes to ask the important questions. Ladies and Gentlemen the government was created to work for us it is not the other way around.


~ by shelnutt on December 9, 2009.

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