What is the purpose of war, better yet what is the definition of War?” The waging of armed conflict against an enemy.” We are told that we have God on our side and through him we will be victorious. We if you believe in the Christian version of God then you are acting against his wishes. We are constantly putting our mistakes on something other than ourselves. “God” does not want War. If you have ever held a firearm before try and remember the first time you did so. My guess is that you were overcome with a feeling of fear or confusion. I have trained with firearms and the first time I held a gun my entire body told me it was wrong. Now I understand that we as Americans have the right to bare arms and I would never argue that. What I will argue is the very people who decide when a war is deemed appropriate or necessary have never taken a life with a weapon. It changes a person and it does not change this person for the better. We are in the throws of a self destructive conquest of each other for unnecessary means. We are all one race and we all reside on this Planet, and there is plenty of room for us all. I heard a man say; “We are born on this planet and yet we have to pay just to live.” I bet this is the only planet in the universe set up with such a useless enslavement tactic. Thousands of empty homes and millions of homeless, a sad state of affairs for mankind.


~ by shelnutt on December 9, 2009.

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