Why are we so enthralled with “Stars”?

What has become of a world where we care more about people who thrive on attention from others more so than paying attention to themselves? Have we become so removed from ourselves that we would rather devote more time to the personal lives of “Super Stars” than build up ourselves spiritually? Does following Tiger Woods and his life help us in any way? We are so hell-bent on watching people be destroyed rather than helping each other, and for what.
We fuel the fire of failure and suffocate the flames of inner development at a very high cost. Putting the blame on others for our shortcomings is not only a devastating blow to our species survival it also reeks of mental impairment. We would rather buy tabloid publications just to get a glimpse of how human these “stars” are. Here’s a news flash, they are human just as you are, they are not without fault, they have problems just as you the ordinary person does. We are so quick to put other people on the podium when it is us who we should be lifting up. Do yourself a favor and get to know yourself, not physically, but spiritually. We are here for a purpose and that purpose is to evolve into the light carrying being we are destined to be, but it will not come in the mail or through hoping and wishing. It takes effort to build a peaceful loving being, TV and “stars” will not just hand this out to you, you must reach for it.


~ by shelnutt on December 10, 2009.

2 Responses to “Why are we so enthralled with “Stars”?”

  1. Hey man good blog here, a job defiantly* well done, peace and love, Ned Malki.

    • Thanks my brother.
      I just feel I need to offer other views rather than ones the so called News outlets provide you know. I sincerely hope to get more readers even if they don’t agree just so we can get some healthy interaction on these subjects. Peace to you.

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