Follow up on “Strange Sleep”

I was very young when my brother and I lived with my mom. I remember on some nights waking up and being totally paralyzed. I could move my eyes, but that was it. I remember looking out of the window and seeing lights, they could have easily been flashlights. My brother recalls the same thing, but I remember him saying that he recalled someone standing at the foot of his bed. I really had not recalled this statement until about 20 minutes ago. I am not saying any of this to conclude that this was a visitation or a ghost, but simply trying to find some similarities with others stories. I have had strange visions/dreams through out my life and the more I analyze them the more they make a series.

I find myself concentrating harder while sleeping, which allows me to recall more detail. I used to have dreams about the ocean’s waves becoming much bigger and the coastline moving further in. These dreams started about 15 years ago, obviously it happened a lot faster in my dreams then it has in reality. I recall dams breaking and people running. I have had dreams where some kind of military or dark clothed police are chasing people through their homes. Now I will tell you of one of my last dreams that occurred about a month ago.

I wrote this in my journal as soon as I woke up, it shook me:

I was standing in a house, it was a fall/winter day. There was a really large bug that I had never seen before. I could hear this thing buzzing. I began to spray it with “Organic Bug Killer” (that’s what the bottle said on it) and it began to chase me. I went outside, I left the door open and the dogs came out behind me. I saw a car parked in the drive way, to the left of that car I saw another car being driven by a man with shaggy blond hair. I watched as he sped up and plowed his car into the one parked in the drive way. He got out of the car and approached me (he made me feel very uncomfortable), I told him to leave his info so I could report the accident. He wrote it down on a scrap piece of paper. It said; “gmail@gmail” and there was a number, 406…something. I walked from the screen porch and he extended his hand to shake mine, I remember how firm a grip he had. As we turned to go towards his car we shared a laugh and then he slapped or grabbed my back pocket (i felt it like it was real) it startled me. He got into his car and asked me “clock my speed” and I said; “from here to the stop sign? You won’t get going that fast.” The dogs started barking, that’s when I felt something in my back pocketand pulled out a clear lip balm tube with a red cap that was loose, I put my hand back into my pocket and felt a gel like liquid. As soon as I touched it, my hand started burning. Then my mouth and then my eyes. The dogs were becoming hysterical. I pulled out my cell phone to call 911, I was very confused, but I knew I had been poisoned. I was trying to find the number for the local police but couldn’t. I started to dial 911, but when I did my phone kept saying “the Government is watching you”. I did this 2 0r 3 times with the same result.
I finally got through to 911 and began getting very confused, it came on very fast. 911 operator kept asking me where I was, I was yelling and stumbling all over the place. I was stumbling near a road, my eyes were on fire. I could see this old man in a green suv just staring at me, he had a look of concern but did not stop. I was becoming hysterical, screaming and crying, I yelled “I don’t want to die” and the police and EMS showed up and then I woke up.


~ by shelnutt on December 14, 2009.

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