Early development?

Around this time of year children see images of a jolly old man drinking his coke and asking his reindeer if they are ready to deliver to all the kids all over the world. Parents begin to spend money they don’t have to continue this “little white lie”. We teach our children not to lie yet we tell them that if they are good a rotund man in red will come down the chimney with presents, and if they are bad they get nothing. Is this holiday so important that our children must be lied to just so they will be “good”?

Surely this is one of the most needless stories in history. Of course it’s ties to Christianity while present are almost always overlooked. It would not be a stretch to say that it is just another tool for controlling and it starts at an early age. Do your child a favor and tell them the “story” of christmas, but don’t forget it is a story and that much like most of history it is not entirely based on fact but rather lore.


~ by shelnutt on December 20, 2009.

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