Some facts on what passed Healthcare through to the next round of “Are you smater than a Senator.”

Harry Reid passed it through with hard work and gusto…oh he paid other Senators off with taxpayer money? For example Ben Nelson found himself getting off the fence for around 45 million dollars, I should say that supposedly none of this money goes to the actual Senators, but you know they will offer the money to the “ole” friends that are in the bidding process “just to see it if we can get it”. Politics are not hard to understand my friends, you just have to think like a criminal or mobster. Bernie Sanders (this guy is like “Lefty” from Donnie Brasco) is on all over the News yesterday and the day before saying “There would have to be some big changes made before I could vote for or against this bill”. Hey Bernie how about (still unsure of this number because it seems ridiculous) 10 billion over the next ten years for your little state. Let’s not forget the great Senator from the state of Louisiana, Mary Landrieu, who got 300 million.
As a seemingly well informed individual I can’t begin to explain how spending the amount of money on “reform” would save roughly the same amount of money over a ten year period. The crooks and thieves sitting on Capitol Hill are crazy if they think this will continue. My mom always told me if you run your mouth you better be able to back it up, well the DC mafia have been running their mouths with our breath and I think they may wake up to a very unhappy Republic.


~ by shelnutt on December 22, 2009.

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