Nothing new today, at least I am trying to keep my head out of the “news” for at least once a week.

I find it can be a bit overwhelming if you indulge in the social construct given to us. I try and take some time away from most electronic devices because they do interfere drastically with your “PC” or body, mind, etc. The alpha waves produced by TV are the worst followed by Radio and cell phones. I see that readership has sky rocketed to nearly 10 people, but I am sure that most of you already know all about the inherent dangers of massive electronic exposure. I love how the News will release a story on how a couple of hours of TV are good for you. My retort is this; “9 out of 10 doctors recommend Camels”. Being a smoker for many years I know very well how bad the things are and have had numerous “quits” I stopped drinking for months with no problem, I don’t touch any of the drugs I tried in my younger days, but these things are remarkable. I don’t mean that in a good way mind you. They are obvious suicide and yet millions of us stare down the barrel anywhere from 3-25 times a day. They call Conspiracy Theorist nuts! I have the luxury of being twice as crazy if that is the case. Don’t be afraid to comment, all sides of the story are welcomed here.



~ by shelnutt on December 23, 2009.

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