We are all slaves!

Suppose I told you that you were a slave, would you argue that you are not. Would you tell me that you live in America, the most free of all the places on Earth? Would you tell me that you can work anywhere make as much money as you want, but anything you want, do anything you want? Most if not all of you would say that, and you would be wrong.
Let’s take for example employment, you say you can have whatever job you want. Can you be a Congressman, not without some money and some experience in politics. Could you be a Executive assistant, not without experience. Could you be a pilot, not without experience. You see the theme, but if no one will give you the chance then where do you get experience? Well you have to pay for it, usually you pay for years of it and you pay handsomely. You could join the military where they will pay for this, two things wrong with that; One, you are now property of the United States Military for life and Two, they are not paying for it, all the other citizens have just paid for your education and training. If you are in the Military during a war there is a good chance you will not get to college anyway.
Moving on. I can buy anything I want; no you can not. You must be a certain age to buy things such as; Video games, movies, alcohol, cigars, porn, guns, and much more. You can buy anything you can afford and if you step beyond what you can afford then your shackles grow tighter. I can live any where I please, no you really can’t. If you rent you must qualify, if you buy a home in a fancy neighborhood you must be approved by the community. These arguments will seem silly and stupid to most people because they believe they are free, spiritually you are free but physically you belong to this Government. It is proven on your Social Security Card, there is even a number on it that sits right under your name. It’s kind of like Nazi Germany but the camps are the size of a country. You are “required” by “law” to pay taxes on your income and wages, which you are the only one who works for them. Think of the IRS as a talent agent that does not line up any auditions or shows, they just demand 28-38% of your wages…and you are not a slave?


~ by shelnutt on December 28, 2009.

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