The United States of Crimerica.

Taxes of all kinds on the doorstep. We are with out a doubt the most openly taxed country in the world. Tuition for schools are on the rise, all of this while salaries and wages are locked. When taxes are raised employers feel the heat as well which does not allow them to give to their employees because they are to busy giving to Big Government. Is it not bad enough that people are being killed in Wars but the cost of Wars is crippling, the bailouts are crippling, medicine is crippling, etc. Why are we just sitting there saying; “man it’s tough”? Why don’t we instead say; “No, no more, no more money for you because you don’t seem to know how to make things work with the money you have.”? It is just unreal, the level of criminal activity from OUR government is absurd.


~ by shelnutt on December 31, 2009.

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