Where do I start, let’s try the end.

A lot of my research has brought me to this point; We must take the initiative to create, through thought, a better world. The World has grown into what it is today not by sheer luck or coincidence, it has become through “wanting”.
Think to yourself now; “What do I want?” Generally the answer has something to do with money, more, enough, all. Never in history has so much money been made, yet the more we make the less it’s worth. apply this idea to anything; War, it is used as a form of protection or liberation and yet the more we have it the less protected (free) we become and the more people die. If everyone on the planet just said; “Hey wait a second, we don’t need to murder each other, instead we should take all of that energy and put it towards further exploration or more importantly to healing instead of slaughtering.
Some one told me that my “dream” was ridiculous, well I’m sure cell phones and computers and space shuttles and cars seemed ridiculous but here we are. Now is the most important time in Man’s brief history, we are on the brink of saying enough is enough, why can’t we have peace without war, why can’t we have heat without slave labor (look at how much you make today and see if it is the same a year from now) Why can’t we have a positive outlook and all work together to better our species, our planet, our sense of duty to this universe. We do not have to remain a warring tribe that simply slaughters each other for material goods that will only last as long as you do. We surely can’t be so short sighted, can we.
Ancient cultures did exactly what they were supposed to to be in harmony with all around them, they took the life of an animal for food and clothing but cherished it’s soul for supplying those things, now you buy fur of the rack and stays in your closet for 10 months. We stuff our faces through cheap and poorly made food bi-products with no thanks to what made it possible. If we still had the mindset of hunting, trapping, and using fully the treasure we worked for we would not be two legged whales who beach ourselves on the nearest couch for “marathons” of mind numbing enslavement to a 42 inch box.
All of this being said, this is where we had to go to better understand and better appreciate the life we are about to make for ourselves. We must endure the brutal dictatorships of all countries to better understand how not to let it happen again, we must suffer through economic destruction to realize that money has no place in our soon to be “all for one and one for all” society. Everything we do when in our physical body is meant to collect experience and decipher what works for the betterment of man and what does not. Find yourself, and in doing so you will understand where to find the path quicker and help those who walk in circles just off it. We are not doomed, but simply deceiving ourselves, and our hearts will straighten that out with help from the brain, soul, and body. Think of it this way; A computer can’t fully function without a keyboard, mouse, hard drive, or monitor. We created this very system in our very image, we are the greatest computer on earth but we are on standby.

“In the beginning there was Man”…”In the end his soul stood over him”


~ by shelnutt on January 10, 2010.

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