Crimerica Part 2: This time it’s still financial!

So we are all material whores. i mean tell me one thing in your vast collection that you have to have to live. If you said car, stop reading and go watch TV. We have polluted our lives with the dirty toilet paper of corporate Crimerica. Look I am not saying that every one is evil or plans to take over the world, just the really super fucking rich. What else is there when you own all the needless shit you sell? Well you then try to secretly own people, because they are the elusive 300lb fish in the pond, people know (or at least think they know when they are being screwed).
Let me give an example; Jesus (I am not Christian or religious, but this is something every one knows) taught peace and loving each other. He threw the “bankers” out of the temple, and he had some followers. When Jesus was killed, holy shit, it’s like there was a sale at Wal-Mart and everything was 90% off. Same thing happened with Martin Luther King, had more followers and preached of peace, bam, now he is the only black man whose birthday is a holiday. None of these men of peace were flashing material goods, Ghandi wasn’t into clothes and fine pottery, Jesus gave his food to others, MLK did not have a mansion. Today even your big givers and ones who want to help wear 300 dollar shades and drive expensive cars and live in big houses. Millions of People buy lottery tickets when the odds are better that you will ride a comet to the superbowl.

So why do we think these things are important, because we are told they are. That’s it, that’s all. Don’t have ED (broken penis) you will, and when you do there be six different types of drugs you can take. So while you are trying to get a hard on, poor little Timmy next door has autism and is blind but you can hang your hat on your Penis for 4-6 hours, news flash no woman wants to have sex that long, so now you have 2 hours to flick your stick while watching football constantly looking at your penis and saying; “I am not gay, its the pill!” Yeah well you swallowed it pal.


~ by shelnutt on January 11, 2010.

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