Global Warming

Well my opinion does not matter, but here it is.
Everything dealing with the Earth is cyclical, that being said the Earth warms and cools as it has done since it’s birth. Man has caused some pretty serious havoc on this planet, but in the past before every ice age the Earth has warmed and then cooled. Before man it just wasn’t profitable, but add man and his greed and now it’s like a bad movie. “We will cause our own extinction if we don’t change”, I would say that is obvious, but we will cause our extinction through war and disease far faster than the Earth can heat up. Allow me to offer some different arguments from Government funded scientist:
The Basics of Global Warming
The Basics of Global Warming

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“Delay is no longer an option.”
— Barack Obama, December 2008
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The greenhouse effect

The atmosphere has a natural supply of “greenhouse gases.” They capture heat and keep the surface of the Earth warm enough for us to live on. Without the greenhouse effect, the planet would be an uninhabitable, frozen wasteland.

Before the Industrial Revolution, the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere was in a rough balance with what could be stored on Earth. Natural emissions of heat-trapping gases matched what could be absorbed in natural sinks. For example, plants take in CO2 when they grow in spring and summer, and release it back to the atmosphere when they decay and die in fall and winter.
Too much greenhouse effect

Industry took off in the mid-1700s, and people started emitting large amounts of greenhouse gases. Fossil fuels were burned more and more to run our cars, trucks, factories, planes and power plants, adding to the natural supply of greenhouse gases. The gases—which can stay in the atmosphere for at least fifty years and up to centuries—are building up beyond the Earth’s capacity to remove them and, in effect, creating an extra-thick heat blanket around the Earth.

The result is that the globe has heated up by about one degree Fahrenheit over the past century—and it has heated up more intensely over the past two decades.

If one degree doesn’t sound like a lot, consider this: the difference in global average temperatures between modern times and the last ice age—when much of Canada and the northern U.S. were covered with thick ice sheets—was only about 9 degrees Fahrenheit. So in fact one degree is very significant—especially since the unnatural warming will continue as long as we keep putting extra greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Brought to you by the EDF (environmental defense fund) “We partner with Business, Governments, and communities…” Now if you can’t read between the lines it’s okay, I’ll help. The Government has given money to certain groups to find information on the subject, that being said if Global Warming is profitable which it is becoming, then who would stand to profit? That’s right the people who pump money into the scientist who generate the data, which by the way is why you have heard about “Carbon Taxes” and three of the four major companies involved in that scenario are not hiding the fact that AL GORE sits on their boards. Now for the other side:
Basic misconceptions that must be addressed include:
Does the Earth’s atmosphere primarily behave like an actual greenhouse?

No. The term “greenhouse effect” is unfortunate since it results in a false impression of the activity of so-called “greenhouse gases.” An actual greenhouse works as a physical barrier to convection (the transfer of heat by currents in a fluid) while the atmosphere really facilitates convection so the impression of actual greenhouse-like activity in the Earth’s atmosphere is incorrect.

For a description of physical greenhouses see Sue Ann Bowling’s ASF piece here.

This does seem to cause some confusion so, to highlight the distinction between actual greenhouses and Earth’s inaccurately named greenhouse effect simply note that greenhouse temperatures are maintained by controlling the mixing air inside and outside the greenhouse (if it’s too warm in the greenhouse you open a top and bottom window and let convective action displace warmed air with cool) while Earth’s atmosphere is surrounded by the near-vacuum of space.

So, real greenhouses work mainly by modulating convection while the ‘greenhouse effect’ works by modulating radiation.
Are greenhouse gases like a blanket around the Earth?

No, for the same reason that they don’t behave like an actual greenhouse, they simply do not behave as a barrier to convective activity and so aren’t “like a blanket.”
Forgetting about the unfortunate-but-commonly-used terminology for a moment, is the so-called ‘greenhouse effect’ bad?

No, it’s necessary to maintain a habitable planet. Our moon, lacking greenhouse effect, makes a kind of comparison even though lack of atmosphere makes it uninhabitable regardless of temperature. The moon’s mean surface temperature by day is 107 °C (380 K, 225 °F) and by night drops to -153 °C (120 K, -243 °F). The Lunar surface temperature increases about 260 °C from just before dawn to Lunar noon.
How much does the so-called ‘greenhouse effect’ warm the Earth?

It’s estimated that the Earth’s surface would be about -18 °C (0 °F, 255 K) with atmosphere and clouds but without the greenhouse effect and that the (we’ll call it “natural”) greenhouse effect raises the Earth’s temperature by ~33 °C (59 °F).

We should note that devoid of atmosphere Earth would actually be a less-cold -1 °C (272 K) because the first calculation strangely includes 31% reflection of solar radiation by clouds (which obviously could not occur without an atmosphere) while ignoring that clouds add significantly to the greenhouse effect. Granted it’s kind of a bizarre to include clouds in one half the calculation and not the other but that is the way it’s commonly done, so, for simplicity, just stick with ~33 °C.”



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2 Responses to “Global Warming”

  1. Greenhouse effect is the gradual warming of the air surrounding the earth as a result of heat being trapped by environmental pollution.

    • I don’t disagree with the idea that humans have changed the climate through their actions. That being said, why do we still act surprised when earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, etc happen. When you treat the earth like a waste basket it tends to reply. I am all for making the Earth cleaner and better, but the politicians have no such cares, they want the money that will come from forced taxation of your free air, and the energy that is already used and taxed, will become taxed even more. Really sad that these folks are still considered human, when they do not act in a manner that is humane.

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