Reality versus truth.

We are here on the physical plane just as we are wherever are dreams take us during sleep. Our five senses tell us that we can taste,touch,smell,see,and hear the world around us. Before we were here where were we? Did we exist somewhere else? Did we just materialize in the bodies of children? Did we materialize through the thought of our parents? Is there a “God” who creates each of us like some kind “Sim Earth”? I am afraid the answers to these questions can not easily be answered on this physical plane. We are no doubt trapped in a world of boundaries that we have created, so what if we worked to tear down those boundaries. Let’s examine the dream state; we can do anything there, such as fly, experience incredible strength, never die, speak with the “dead”, and do anything we want. Perhaps the secret behind this is simply because we are not attached to the physical body.
We have for thousands of years believed that there was something greater than us, whether it be God or just something unknown that seemed guides us through life. “Prophets” claim to speak with God and “Crazy” people also make this claim. We flock to the Prophets and run from the Crazies, yet there really is no difference between the two. When we find ourselves down on our luck we seek out help from someone who claims to guided by a powerful being, we place our hearts,mind,and soul at the feet of an altar to which we pray to this being for a better life. On the flipside, when something goes horribly wrong we then turn on this being and blame it for loss of a family member or other mistakes.
I would like to say to those who are devout that you can have it both ways. You can believe that kind and loving God will give you all you ask for and then blame this God or his “fallen angel, Gabriel” for the things that do not go your way. If this God does exist the way millions believe he does, it does not change the fact that you are the one living your life and that you are the one that makes these mistakes, not your God. Take prayer for example; If you pray to God for the strength to be a good person and to do things in a moral way, you are simply giving your self direction, much like playing a video game. You give the character a command via the controller and it responds, if the character is harmed you will more often than not blame some outside source for causing this, when it is actually you yourself to blame. When you are stricken with a terminal disease, do you blame yourself for eating poorly,smoking,drinking,or any other habits which do not “agree” with the way your body is engineered. Your body is set up with billions of cells that act as one to preserve and maintain a healthy environment. It’s only through the advancement of poor nutritional “foods” and other poisons that are cells begin to become confused and act as a chaotic city after an attack, because that is what poison does it attacks and disrupts. All disease is created much the same as everything around you, what you see around you (no matter what it is has been created to serve a purpose) can and will do it’s job. Plants do exactly what they are supposed to, so do Coral , as well as rain, lava, and all other naturally occurring things. The Earth has created these things to sustain itself. We have created homes, cars, telephones, computers, and other things to sustain our new way of living, for once we are plugged in we must keep creating to sustain our ever changing life. Do not be confused, this lifestyle does not constitute healthy evolution, but it does serve a purpose for finding out how we can go in the wrong direction. We are constantly creating things to take the place of what we were given from birth, we are after all the greatest super computer ever created. TO BE CONTINUED…


~ by shelnutt on February 16, 2010.

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    • I’m not sure how to reply, but I would imagine you feel something about the post. If those are eyes, then yes most eyes are closed as well as minds,ears,and hearts. I can feel my way through the world much like a whale navigates with vibrations or frequency sonar. Be well.

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