Reality VS truth, CONT.

So let’s say that you are buying your first house, and you are really excited. No more landlords, no more “well we can’t change anything with this place”. So you dive in, you go secure the loan and do all the back and forth with the previous home owner. Now you have your house or do you. In any state in the country the Government can come take your home, I assure they do not need a reason, and if they do they will craft it. You are only renting the land your home is on from the Government.
Now in an entirely different subject; money. What do you think your money is worth? If you hold up a hundred dollar bill, I will point out that you are holding up cotton and linen paper which is backed by the federal reserve not the federal government. There is as much value in your currency as there is in your stocks, which is what other people say it is. You are simply relying on someone else to tell you that you are rich or poor. I would like to tell you that money does not make that happen. Material wealth is the right direction for the lost, not the truly wealthy. Some people may use their “wealth” wisely or in a good manner, but most do not. To be “wealthy” you must find love in any capacity, whether it’s for a mate, a child, yourself, a cause, or even for the place we call home (earth). Deception is what we turn on every day after work, we sit in bars and drink and talk to people while we watch TV, or we talk about what is happening on TV. We keep our kids busy and out of trouble by handing them the remote, when in fact all we are doing is destroying the very thing they need the most…truth. Truth is something you will not find on TV, especially in the News, it is TV and it is all scripted. Ancient cultures before us dealt with the moment, while our culture reflects on what happened in the past and then dwells on it (and often the past is not relayed correctly because not all of us were there, so we rely on someone else to tell us). Cont….


~ by shelnutt on February 22, 2010.

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