Exposing manufactured truth really isn’t that hard.

One simple way to start this exercise; take out your wallet and pull out a “dollar” bill. You will notice the text at the very top of the “Washington” side, and it reads; “Federal Reserve Note”. Now ask yourself this; “Is the Federal Reserve a part of the Federal Government?’ Answer; No. Question; “What is it that is used to back the Dollar Bill (or any “note”)? Answer; “It was gold, and should still be.” When you begin to realize that we have not added any gold to our stock in many years and even if we did it would not come close to the “currency” that has been printed. Ever wonder where your federal tax dollars go? Well 70% of your federal tax dollars go to paying off the debt accrued from interest that the Federal Reserve applies to the printing of Money. The money that goes to roads and emergency workers and schools and so on comes from State Taxes, not Federal. For so many years when the economy got tough (because bankers would create scares in the market) we as a country would go to war to once again bring the public back on board, i.e. “Let’s Roll!!” the infamous 911 theme. You see the best way for the American people to defeat terrorism was to spend a ton of cash and run up a ton of credit card debt. This action would further your slavery to the “almighty dollar” and therefore you were as you always have been, a piece of property. Don’t believe, go back to your wallet and pull out your Social Security Card, there you will find your number. It’s a little different from Nazi Germany only because the ink is on a card not your arm. All of your property , everything, you own can be taken from you by the state or federal government. Don’t believe me, quit paying taxes. What if I were to tell you that the Brady Bill was not put in place to “check” to see if you were a criminal, but was actually there to add you to a list that can be accessed by the ATF,FBI,CIA,NSA, and local authorities. You would say; “well that’s so they can trace your weapons back to you if they are used in a crime.” True, they can do that, they can also tell how many Americans have guns as well as know where they live and what they do for a living…they profile you. Have you ever asked why government run programs are not open to public viewing? Perhaps it is in the interest of National Security, unfortunately it is not, there is no such thing. If a nation’s citizens are afraid of something they have never seen, then why show them. You will continue to be afraid of the Military Complex’s magic show because it is nothing more than smoke and mirrors, and sometimes poorly edited TV. NASA uses taxpayer money and yet you can only have what NASA deems to be okay to know, are we at war with space, perhaps the newly found ice on the moon has a stun gun. No, there is only one thing for NASA to hide as eluded to in the “Brookings Institute” study on whether or not the public should be made aware of life outside the planet. This group of few has dictated the knowledge of many to be to harmful, chaotic to handle. You are technically paying people to tell you how to live and what to think, and they are so damn good at it that you don’t even know that the thoughts in your head are not your own…something to think about I suppose.


~ by shelnutt on March 1, 2010.

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